“My wife and I were rear ended while stopped at a red light. Since seeing Dr. Chen, he has fully healed my neck and back pains I
​sustained from the accident. He and his staff are always friendly and helpful. Thank you Life Chiropractic.!”

-Jonathan Y.

“Dr. Chen is fantastic. He is attentive, responsive and cares that we leave feeling better than when we came in. His staff does an excellent job at fitting us in even with short notice. Dr. Chen knows his business and has helped us improve our quality of life! This place is amazing, we have been seeing Dr. Chen for a few weeks and have not felt so good in years. Dr. Chen is very knowledgable , he can tell which muscles hurt just by touching them and we’ve seen results very quickly. In all, we want to thank Dr. Chen and his staff for all the support and knowledge that they have provided throughout the last few weeks.”

– Frank W. and Lily W.

“I am very grateful with Dr. Chen. I had two car accidents in one year; and Dr. Chen is my chiropractor after my second car accident. The reason I didn’t go back to the other chiropractor from my first accident is because I had negative feelings; many times my treatments were administered by his “staff.” Shortly after my treatment with Dr. Chen, I realized how terrible my previous chiropractor was. Dr. Chen administered many tests to pinpoint where the pain is, which my previous chiropractor didn’t. Dr. Chen spent his time to let me describe my problems, which my previous chiropractor just ignored me. Overall, Dr. Chen is a true professional. He not only cures you but also wants you to get better, to feel better. If you are reading this and receiving treatments by Dr. Chen, then you are, like that car insurance commercial: “You are in good hands.”

-Howard L.

“I live one hour from Life Chiropractic. I recently re-injured my back. The local chiropractor took x-rays and began treatments, not much changed. I used to live in Walnut and had been treated by Dr. Blake. Surprise – Dr. Blake sold his business to Dr. Chen. I was in a lot of pain. Decided to give Dr. Chen a try. The very first visit brought a real change. Not only a mis-aligned back but a pinched nerve also. Why do I drive 2 hours round trip for a treatment. Real Results!A few more visits and I know I will be good as new.” Thank you!

-Nancy R.

​“I have been seeing Dr. Chen for the better part of the last year, and I have loved coming here. I looked for a Chiropractor when it was obvious after three weeks of a pinched nerve in my neck. Within three or four visits, my pain subsided and I started to come to the Dr. every week. I have been a life long patient of Chiropractic care, since I was four years old, and I would recommend Dr. Chen to anyone who has any type of pain or stiffness (and I do). Dr. Chen, Alice and the entire staff have made a very welcoming environment for not only me, but my entire family. I not only enjoy the adjustments but the conversation. This is something I look forward to every week.”


“I have been to numerous chiropractors and none is as knowledgable and caring as Dr. Robby Chen. Life Chiropractic offers amazing customer service, not to mention, speedy and effective treatment. If you are ever in need of a professional Chiropractor, I know of no one better.”


“I have always struggled with change. I was a patient of Dr. Blake for many years and when I found out he was leaving, I thought of leaving also. I decided to give Dr. Chen a chance and I am happy to say I’m glad I did. He makes me feel very relaxed and comfortable.”


“I was involved in a car accident 6 months ago. I was having neck, shoulder, and upper back pains. It was constant and got in the way of my daily activities. Dr. Chen has been adjusting my back, using electrical stimulation and offering helpful, beneficial exercising and stretching tips. Dr. Chen has also recommended massages to alleviate the pain that I have been experiencing. Since then, my neck, shoulder and upper back have been feeling much better. I do not experience the sharp pains in my shoulder blades and my posture has improved as well. Dr. Chen is friendly and dedicated to his patients. I was well taken care of by Life Chiropractic and I would recommend it to anyone who is experiencing neck, shoulder or upper back pains. I will continue to go to Dr. Chen for regular check ups.”

​ -J. Lo

​”My name is Luther M. and I have been a patient of Dr. Robert Chen for about a year now. Ever since I met him I always felt welcomed and knew I was in good hands. He is a very caring, courteous doctor and treats each individual with a personal touch, as we all have different pains and problems. I really do enjoy my massages and my adjustments as it makes me feel MUCH, MUCH better. ”

-Luther. M

“First and foremost, I’m extremely thankful with Dr. Chen and his staff. His staff are very helpful and friendly, and well, Dr. Chen changed my life. I’m a very athletic person and I enjoy going to the gym and running for causes such as a cure for cancer and AIDS. I was unable to do the things I enjoyed because I suffered from lower back pain and things got progressively worse until I got referred to Dr. Chen. Within two weeks of treatment I was able to go to the gym and continue to be healthy. I feel happy and relieved from my pain. Also he cured my mother and she is able to walk now!! Thank you Dr. Chen and staff.”

-D. Hernandez

“I was unfortunate to be born with a condition in my spine that causes chronic lower back pain. There is no other cure for it other than surgery but surgery to the spine can promote risks and my back would not function 100% and will never be back to normal. I turned to chiropractic care and it has helped me suppress my sleepless nights and relieve my back from tension. To all those athletes out there, an athlete to an athlete, word of advice, chiropractic care helps max your performance and enables you to play your best game. It’s showtime!”

​ -C. Kwan

“I have been seeing Dr. Chen for over two months for severe pain in my lower back, I could hardly walk anymore. I have been wearing a back brace all day just to get a little bit of relief. Once I came in to see Dr. Chen he put me on several treatments and he actually sat down with me for almost an hour to explain everything that I needed to get better. He was so reassuring and confident that he would be able to help me. I can hardly believe how much better I feel! I can actually walk and get up and out of bed without any pain now. I just sent my daughter to see Dr. Chen as well, because she has pain in her lower back from a sports injury. We would recommend him to anyone who is in pain and wants to get better. “