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If you are experiencing pain, we want to help! We are dedicated to helping patients regain pain-free lives. Oftentimes, people do not seek help for pain until it worsens. We want to help at the onset of symptoms, so they do not progress.


Dermatology is an area of medicine that focuses on the health of your skin, hair, and nails. Dermatology providers are health professionals who have specialized training in the treatment and care of treatments and illnesses related to those parts of your body.

Do I need a Dermatologist?
You might be thinking to yourself that your skin is pretty healthy and that your family doctor is enough to keep it that way. The truth is, your skin is the body’s largest organ and serves as your first line of defense from bacteria, viruses, and other dangers like the sun’s UV rays. This means that your skin does a lot of work, and needs special care to maintain optimal health levels. Whether you need help with mild acne or melanoma (skin cancer), your best bet is to find a good dermatologist who will help you to find the right treatments for YOUR skin.

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Picoway Laser

PicoWay is an CE marked picosecond laser that treats acne scars, wrinkles, benign pigmented lesions (dark spots) and tattoo removal. PicoWay first became known for its tattoo and pigment removal capabilities, but it is now growing in use for acne scars and wrinkles.

PicoWay uses different handpieces and laser wavelengths for treatment of these conditions. The PicoWay Zoom handpieces treat tattoo removal and dark spots. The PicoWay Resolve fractional handpieces treat acne scars and wrinkles.

PicoWay has the shortest pulse durations* of any available picosecond laser for aesthetic use. PicoWay offers effective treatments with low to no downtime following treatment. Learn more about how PicoWay can help you transform your skin.

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Gentlemax Laser Hair Removal

Unwanted or excessive hair growth can leave you feeling down and less-confident about your appearance, while ingrown hairs can cause a lot of pain and unsightly bumps. In the past, treatment for these issues was only effective for lighter skinned individuals with dark hair, but fortunately laser hair removal has become more accessible and advanced in recent years. At our practice, we are able to safely treat people with virtually all skin types and hair colors.

How does it work?
Lasers emit a specialized, pulsed light, which is absorbed by the pigment in your hair and then transmitted down the hair shaft to the root. The hair follicle is damaged by the heat of the laser, which prohibits future growth.

Before your procedure, we will evaluate your skin and hair type in order for us to select the best laser to suit your needs. We will also thoroughly discuss the possible risks, your expectations, and the best ways to prepare for treatment.

The duration of each session varies depending on what area of the body you are having treatment. A small area such as the upper lip may take only five minutes, while a larger area like the back or legs may take up to one hour. The area should be shaved or cut short prior to treatment. For best results, we recommend that you do not wax or pluck hairs for three weeks prior to treatment.

Laser hair removal is safe and effective when performed by a physician or other licensed professional specializing in laser technology. At our practice, you can expect the highest level of treatment from our qualified professionals.

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chiropractic services  Diamond Bar, CA

Chiropractic Care

We specialize in correcting your body’s misalignments. Our goal is to ensure that your spine and the rest of your body are working harmoniously. To do so, we will help you develop a plan that will require light stretching, some exercise, chiropractic care, and a healthy diet.

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Physiotherapy  Diamond Bar, CA


At Life Wellness Center our physical therapists provide a specific type of hands-on-care known as manual physical therapy. Manual Physical Therapy is defined as a clinical approach utilizing skilled passive hands-on techniques, including but not limited to mobilization/manipulation. These techniques are performed by highly trained physical therapists that have completed post graduate training to first diagnose then treat soft tissue and joint structures.

What is the benefit of utilizing Manual Physical Therapy?

  • Increasing range of motion
  • Improving joint mobility
  • ​Improving flexibility
  • Increasing stability
  • Decreasing inflammation
  • Decreasing pain

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Massage Therapy  Diamond Bar, CA

Massage Therapy

Millions of people suffer from chronic pain or illness. Whether it’s neck pain, back pain, shoulder strain or headaches. For many of them, traditional medicine doesn’t have a good solution. If you’re in the same boat, medication may seem like the only option to get you through the day. But medication treats only the symptoms – not the cause of your pain. Don’t let medication become a life-long crutch. We firmly believe that your pain signals an underlying problem – something that traditional medicine can treat with drugs but can’t cure. Fortunately, chiropractic treatments can. By uncovering the root of the problem, we can take corrective action and stop the pain at its source. And we do it naturally, without drugs or invasive procedures.

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X-Rays  Diamond Bar, CA


An x-ray (radiograph) is a painless medical test that involves radiation to produce pictures of the inside of the body. X-rays are the oldest and most frequently used form of medical imaging. A bone x-ray makes images of any bone in the body, including the hand, wrist, arm, foot, ankle, knee, leg, or spine. Life Wellness Medical Center uses on-site x-rays to facilitate immediate diagnosis of bone disorders during the patient visit. We use a high frequency digital x-ray machine that administers low dosage of radiation producing quality films to be viewed by our providers without a long waiting period.

X-rays are interpreted by either Dr. Chen, DC or Dr. Paulson, DO.

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